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medorex e.K. 6. Februar 2014

flow-chamber bioreactor

A modular flow-chamber bioreactor concept as a tool for continuous 2D- and 3D-cell culture Advanced cell culture models, especia lly long-term 3D systems, require bioreactors allowing for cultivation under continuous flow conditions. Such culture models ar e for example tissue engineered implants, 3D cultures for drug testing, in vitro models of cell growth and migration for wound healing studies, cell cultures for biomaterial testing. New challenges in drug testing and biomaterial development arise from regulatory requirements. Animal trials have to be replaced by cell cu lture assays, preferably by test systems with human material. Standard 2D monolayer cultures are often unsa tisfactory and therefore tissue-like 3D cultures are suggested as an alternative. Here the design of a multi-well flow-chamber bioreactor as a tool for manufacturing advanced cell culture models is presented. Advantages of this reactor concept can be seen in constant flow conditions, removal of toxic reaction products, high cell densities, and improved metabolism [1]. The general design of the flow chamber bioreactor (FCBR) can easily be modified for different applications and analytical requirements.

VTU Technology to Showcase at Pichia 2014

VTU Technology, a leading expert in the field of Pichia pastoris protein expression and one of the main sponsors of the upcoming Pichia 2014 event (March 2-5, San Diego, CA USA), will be presenting its latest findings and exciting technology developments. To date, VTU has established a broad range of technologies and know-how for the fast-track generation of high performance Pichia protein production strains and processes. Exclusive proprietary technologies and profound experience of the VTU team lead to competitive production processes for a wide range of recombinant proteins. Don´t miss the opportunity to attend the following talks providing insights into the most versatile and powerful Pichia pastoris protein expression platform: Monday, March 3rd, 2014, 4:00 p.m.: Dr. Iskandar Dib, Principal Scientist Process Development & Analytics Short Lecture 15: Targeted process optimization and scale up to industrial scale with 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, 2.00 p.m.: Dr. Roland Weis, Head of Operations Short Lecture 25: Uniform GlcNAc2Man5-decorated proteins by Pichia pastoris: achievements in high-level production and characterization Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, 3.30 p.m.: Dr. Aid Atlic, Research Scientist Development & Fermentation Short lecture 29: Half-life extension of a chemokine by fusion to HSA: implications on producibility and in vitro / in vivo characteristics of the fusion protein Find more details in the attached Document.

Dunn Labortechnik GmbH 4. Februar 2014

Preise nochmals reduziert

Dunn Labortechnik hat die Preise für ausgewählte Laborgeräte und Verbrauchsmaterialien nochmals deutlich reduziert. Besuchen Sie unsere Rubrik Sonderaktionen auf und finden Sie kostengünstige CO2 Inkubatoren, Schüttler, Schüttelinkubatoren, Wasserbäder, Pipetten und vieles mehr.

Gilson Makes Quality Affordable with PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond

Two new packaging complete now the PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond range. With always the same high quality of tips, these new packaging are designed to fit all budgets. Clean and convenient, the BLISTER REFILL is the smartest way to refill an empty TIPACK box. While the compact and easy to use RELOAD PACK ensures saving time and space on the bench. Both of these new packaging are eco-friendly: the BLISTER REFILL uses 45% less plastic than a regular rack box, and up to 70% for the RELOAD PACK. The only way to ensure precision and reproducibility across the full volume range is to use PIPETMAN micropipette with PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond. Indeed, quality pipetting with the best volumetric performance of PIPETMAN only applies when using PIPETMAN TIPS. Using pipettes and tips of the same brand allows to easily fit and remove tips, and to reduce risks of RSI. PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond in BLISTER REFILL and RELOAD PACK help you reaching the best results and make your pipetting easier. For more information and pricing, please contact your local distributor.

ConsulTech GmbH 30. Januar 2014


Für Forschungsverbünde - insbesondere bei EU oder BMBF geförderten Projekten - übernehmen wir das Projektmanagement als Partner. Das bedeutet für uns, dass wir den Koordinator bereits während der Antragstellung begleiten z.B. durch Erstellen des Projektmanagement-Teiles des Antrags. Nach zugesagter Förderung unterstützen wir den Koordinator bei folgenden Verpflichtungen, so dass er sich gänzlich auf das wissenschaftliche Management und den Gesamtprojekterfolg konzentrieren kann. Projektkoordination (Steuerung und Erfolgscontrolling der Termine und Fristen bei Milestones, Deliverables, Berichten und Finanzen, Erstellung von Feedbacktechniken) • Projektkommunikation (Optimierung der Kommunikationswege, Schnittstelle zwischen Partnern untereinander und Kommission, Schlichtungsfragen, Erstellung und Pflege einer Projektwebsite mit geschützem Projekt-Intranet ) • Vertragsmanagement (Prüfung, Verhandlung und Abschluss des EU-Vertrags inkl. Anhänge) • Berichterstattung (Termineinhaltung, Angebot von Vorlagen, Erstellung des Gesamtberichtes aus Zulieferungen der Partner, Validierung vor Abgabe an EU-Kommission, Dokumentationspflege) • Finanzmanagement (Finanzreporting und -controlling, Verwaltung und Verteilung des Budgets, Projektabrechnung) • Konferenzmanagement (Terminierung der Projekttreffen, Workshops und Abschlusskonferenzen, Übernahme der Ablauforganisation inkl. Erarbeitung von Zeitplan, Inhalten, Referenten und Rahmenbedingungen wie Anfahrt, Übernachtung und Rahmenprogramm sowie entsprechende Abrechnung) • Projektmarketing und Dissemination (Verbreitung der Projektergebnisse über Papier und Multimediamedien wie Poster, Flyer, Mailings und Websites, Vorstellung des Projektes auf z.T. eigenen oder fremden Konferenzen und Symposien) • Nachhaltigkeit und Strategie und (Monitoring einer Anschlussförderung, Business Development)

Kongresse und Messen 2014

Kongresse und Messen 2014 Pichia 2014, 2-5 March, San Diego, California, USA 7th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2014, 3-4 April, London, UK BIO International Convention 2014, 23-26 June, San Diego, California, USA 7th international Congress on Biocatalysis - biocat 2014, Hamburg, 31 August – 4 September, Germany CPhI Worldwide 2014, 7-9 October, Paris, France Bio Europe 2014, 3-5 November, Frankfurt, Germany

medorex e.K. 30. Januar 2014

Basidiomycota, an underestimated source of bioproducts

Basidiomycota, often referred to ”higher fungi” (Subkingdom Dikarya in the Kingdom Fungi), represent around 20,000 species with around 950 edible mushrooms. Basidiomycetes are the only known aerobic microorganisms capable of degrading lignin. To survive on this recalcitrant substrate, they secrete a unique diversity of degradative enzymes. Due to their specific enzyme dispositions acting at decomposition of plant material and by the multiple kinds of usual secondary metabolites they produce, particularly new secondary source of bioproducts Agaricomycotina have found exceptional interest in biotechnology. Basidionet is an association of academic and industrial researchers and producers of Basidiomycetes, founded to offer an European platform for the open exchange of information on this neglected class of microorganisms.

Dunn Labortechnik GmbH 30. Januar 2014

Produkt der Woche

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