VALIDOGEN GmbH (vormals/formerly VTU Technology)

VALIDOGEN ist ein fuhrendes Forschungs- und Entwicklungsunternehmen fur die Proteinproduktion mit der Hefe Pichia pastoris. VALIDOGEN bietet Hochleistungstechnologien zur Entwicklung wirtschaftlich attraktiver Produktionsprozesse beispielsweise zur Herstellung von Biopharmazeutika und Enzymen. VALIDOGEN wird ein privates Unternehmen im Besitz der KonValue Gruppe.

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VALIDOGEN, a leading contract research and development company, offers the broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production known as UNLOCK PICHIA. VALIDOGEN develops high performance expression strains and economically viable protein production processes for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes and various other recombinant proteins and provides tailormade solutions for customers from different industry sectors – such as pharma, diagnostics, food & feed, chemical, agro and other industries. VALIDOGEN will be a private company and independent subsidiary of KonValue Group.

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Kongresse und Messen 2014

Kongresse und Messen 2014 Pichia 2014, 2-5 March, San Diego, California, USA 7th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2014, 3-4 April, London, UK BIO International Convention 2014, 23-26 June, San Diego, California, USA 7th international Congress on Biocatalysis - biocat 2014, Hamburg, 31 August – 4 September, Germany CPhI Worldwide 2014, 7-9 October, Paris, France Bio Europe 2014, 3-5 November, Frankfurt, Germany

PEPTALK, January 13-17, 2014, Palm Springs, USA

VTU Technology will be attending PEPTALK 2014, Palm Springs, California and will be available to provide more information on its oustanding Pichia pastoris protein expression platform & services and latest technology developments. Listen to VTU´s Head of Operations, Dr. Roland Weis speaking about "Uniform GlcNAc2Man5-Decorated Proteins by Pichia pastoris: Achievements in High-Level Production and Characterization"; January 13, 12.15 p.m, Pipeline 5 Engineering Genes, Vectors, Constructs and Clones Abstract: Heterogeneous N-linked glycan profiles on therapeutic proteins represent a regulatory disadvantage paired with an elevated workload to identify the respective glycan distribution from batch to batch. Next to its extraordinary secretion capacity, the established recombinant production host Pichia pastoris now features homogeneous N-glycan structures (GlcNAc2Man5) for reliable high-level production of demanding proteins. Case studies of the biological implications of these glycans on human serum proteins will be presented. Please feel free to contact us directly for the arrangement of a meeting.