medorex e.K. 23. Januar 2014

Bioreactor for Small-Scale Investigations

A Novel Conical Shaped Bioreactor for Small-Scale Investigations under Defined Condition The reliability of metabolic or kinetic data determined in small-scale culture systems is often insufficient, as these systems cannot be run continuously and parameters such as dissolved oxygen and pH are not controlled. Here a new conical shaped bioreactor (medorex, Germany) for the cultivation of animal cells is presented. The reactor can be operated at a volume range of about 50 ml to a maximum volume of 400 ml. The conical shape allows the integration of probes and various tubes even at small volumes. The reactor has all features of a conventional glass reactor with up to 9 openings for inlet, outlet, level control and sampling, temperature sensor, an exhaust air cooler and ports for dissolved oxygen and pH probes. Low shear stress mixing is achieved by a 3- blade propeller stirrer with a diameter of 36 mm. Temperature can be controlled over a water jacket with a conventional water bath via the internal sensor. The main applications are: • studies of batch and fed-batch cultures at small scale • expanding cell cultures in fed-batch under defined conditions (pH, DO) • long-term continuous cultures at high dilution rates for kinetic studies with low medium consumption. The reactor can be modified to a fixed-bed reactor of 20 ml packed bed volume for the cultivation of adherent cell lines and testing of different carrier material.
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