medorex e.K. 30. Januar 2014

Basidiomycota, an underestimated source of bioproducts

Basidiomycota, often referred to ”higher fungi” (Subkingdom Dikarya in the Kingdom Fungi), represent around 20,000 species with around 950 edible mushrooms. Basidiomycetes are the only known aerobic microorganisms capable of degrading lignin. To survive on this recalcitrant substrate, they secrete a unique diversity of degradative enzymes. Due to their specific enzyme dispositions acting at decomposition of plant material and by the multiple kinds of usual secondary metabolites they produce, particularly new secondary source of bioproducts Agaricomycotina have found exceptional interest in biotechnology. Basidionet is an association of academic and industrial researchers and producers of Basidiomycetes, founded to offer an European platform for the open exchange of information on this neglected class of microorganisms.

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