medorex e.K. 6. Februar 2014

flow-chamber bioreactor

A modular flow-chamber bioreactor concept as a tool for continuous 2D- and 3D-cell culture Advanced cell culture models, especia lly long-term 3D systems, require bioreactors allowing for cultivation under continuous flow conditions. Such culture models ar e for example tissue engineered implants, 3D cultures for drug testing, in vitro models of cell growth and migration for wound healing studies, cell cultures for biomaterial testing. New challenges in drug testing and biomaterial development arise from regulatory requirements. Animal trials have to be replaced by cell cu lture assays, preferably by test systems with human material. Standard 2D monolayer cultures are often unsa tisfactory and therefore tissue-like 3D cultures are suggested as an alternative. Here the design of a multi-well flow-chamber bioreactor as a tool for manufacturing advanced cell culture models is presented. Advantages of this reactor concept can be seen in constant flow conditions, removal of toxic reaction products, high cell densities, and improved metabolism [1]. The general design of the flow chamber bioreactor (FCBR) can easily be modified for different applications and analytical requirements.
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