VTU Technology and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

VTU Technology and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals enter into development and license agreement

VTU Technology and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals announced today, that they have entered into a licensing agreement to develop a therapeutic, recombinant Human Serum Albumin (rHSA).

Under the terms of the agreement, VTU Technology grants Minapharm access to VTU´s Pichia pastoris protein expression technology for rHSA production.

VTU will apply its proven process for expression strain development and bioprocess optimization for biopharmaceuticals production. Minapharm, via its subsidiary, Rhein-Minapharm-Biogenetics, will carry out the pertinent process research & development, production and commercialization of the target therapeutic protein.

Minapharm will exclusively market the product in Egypt with options for other Middle Eastern countries, while VTU will have promotional rights in Rest of the World. Both companies will also share the revenue from the product. Further financial details were not disclosed.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Minapharm in this important project. This agreement underlines the attractiveness of our Pichia pastoris protein expression platform and demonstrates VTU´s capabilities to leverage the high potential of our technology”, said Dr. Thomas Purkarthofer, Head of Business Development of VTU Technology.

Frank Mueller, Senior Manager Biopharmaceutical Project Minapharm, added, “We very much look forward to a long and successful relationship with VTU. This event further substantiates Minapharm’s position at the regional forefront of research, development and marketing of innovative recombinant DNA products. This collaboration agreement with VTU offers a viable opportunity for Minapharm to further sustain its regional market leadership while fostering new models of cost-effective biotherapeutic innovation.”

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