New dimensions at VTU

VTU Pichia processes show exceptionally high space-time yields due to short process times and typical product concentrations of 10 - 20 g/L with very high initial purities of 80 - 90% in culture supernatant.

Since its foundation 2008, VTU´s highly skilled team has been continuously optimizing and expanding its Pichia technology platform to generate an unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies leading to a high performance technology platform to meet highly specific expression needs.

Recently, VTU developed an expression strain capable of producing 35 g/L of recombinant mouse serum albumin.
Based on this achievement, we assume that the biological limit of Pichia pastoris has not yet been reached so far holding potential for further optimization.

VALIDOGEN ist ein fuhrendes Forschungs- und Entwicklungsunternehmen fur die Proteinproduktion mit der Hefe Pichia pastoris. VALIDOGEN bi... [mehr]