European Custom Sequencing Centre Cologne

Delivering Great, Accurate, Time saving and Consistent service for more than 24 years. A clear commitment for Cologne was made already 2 years ago. This allowed us to gain a European-wide logistic solution ensuring the provision of our services to you today. Our European Custom Sequencing Centre works around the clock in order to analyse your samples. For processing approx. 12,000 samples per day, no matter if arriving in tubes or 96 well plates, we keep a fleet of Hamilton robots and 16 ABI* 3730XL busy. We deliver high quality data already within the next working day after sample receipt – and even faster with NightXpress. So imagine you on a 15 hour journey from Zurich to Praha by train with the City Night Liner or your sample with GATC Biotech’s NightXpress from all over Europe to Cologne and back to you in 15 hours, too. Cologne with its central location in Europe and serving as a turntable in freight traffic is the perfect place wherever fast logistics is essential. Thank you very much to all our loyal customers and welcome to all who are looking for an outstanding sequencing service. Click here to make Cologne YOUR sequencing centre of Europe, too. Contact us! (DE) +49 (0) 7531 81 60 68 (FR) +33 - 97 04 46 743 (GB) +44 (0) 207 691 4921 (SE) +46 (0) 8 655 3609 Opening hours: 8 am - 6 pm CET (Mon-Fri)

SCHNELL. Wir produzieren und analysieren DNA & RNA. Eurofins Genomics ist Teil der Eurofins-Gruppe mit Standorten in Europa, den USA... [mehr]