Gilson Makes Quality Affordable with PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond

Two new packaging complete now the PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond range. With always the same high quality of tips, these new packaging are designed to fit all budgets. Clean and convenient, the BLISTER REFILL is the smartest way to refill an empty TIPACK box. While the compact and easy to use RELOAD PACK ensures saving time and space on the bench. Both of these new packaging are eco-friendly: the BLISTER REFILL uses 45% less plastic than a regular rack box, and up to 70% for the RELOAD PACK. The only way to ensure precision and reproducibility across the full volume range is to use PIPETMAN micropipette with PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond. Indeed, quality pipetting with the best volumetric performance of PIPETMAN only applies when using PIPETMAN TIPS. Using pipettes and tips of the same brand allows to easily fit and remove tips, and to reduce risks of RSI. PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond in BLISTER REFILL and RELOAD PACK help you reaching the best results and make your pipetting easier. For more information and pricing, please contact your local distributor.

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