EnzymicalS AG 25. Juli 2014

Enzymicals: A Modern Networking Company [VIDEO]

Dedicated to design, develop and implement cost-effective, sustainable and scalable chemical and biocatalytic routes to fine chemicals, APIs and intermediates, Enzymicals offers recognized expertise in the use of enzymatic processes for complex chemicals synthesis. We offer enzymes suitable for research and production of high-value chemicals. Our service includes the route scouting for the synthesis of your desired compounds, up to feasibility studies and final applications orientated on your demands. Enzymicals is integrated in a networking company which covers the whole value chain from identification and improvement of biocatalysts, process development and optimization up to commercial production under GMP conditions, distribution and regulatory issues.

Produktion: - Enzyme - Feinchemikalien Forschungsschwerpunkte: - Entwicklung und Herstellung von Biokatalysatoren Dienstleistungen/S... [mehr]