Unlock Pichia by increasing genetic diversity

High level methanol-free phytase production in Pichia pastoris 

Harnessing VTU Technology’s Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox and screening know-how in a case study, the production of an engineered variant of Butiauxella sp. phytase yielded 22 g/L of enzyme in a methanol-induced process and 20 g/L under methanol-free conditions, constituting the highest amounts of yeast-produced recombinant phytase reported so far.

Without methanol

This case study reveals that the appealing features of PAOX1 driven expression such as tight regulation of the production process while facilitating high-level protein production are equally effective with VTU Technology´s MeOH-free AOX1 promoter variants.

Unlock Pichia by increasing genetic diversity

The results presented in this new white paper clearly underline the usefulness of VTU´s AOX1 promoter library and the company´s entire expression toolbox as well as strain development and cultivation protocols to unlock Pichia as a powerful host for recombinant protein production. Using our approach, we could demonstrate that increasing genetic diversity leads to a significant improvement of product yields.

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