PlasmidFactory is now part of a German AAV Network

PlasmidFactory GmbH & Co. KG, the leading expert in the production of plasmids and minicircle DNA, today announces that the company will join forces with three other companies regarding adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector manufacturing. SIRION Biotech possesses one of the world’s most comprehensive viral vector engineering platforms, Vibalogics offers process development, cGMP manufacturing and fill & finish of products and PROGEN is an established manufacturer and supplier of AAV antibodies and AAV titer quantification ELISAs for gene therapy research. The goal of the four German companies is to expedite timelines and facilitate workflow from plasmid manufacture to GMP production and analytics of recombinant AAV (see figure), offering clients in the field of gene and cell therapy a head start with their AAV vector needs. The network will make planning and execution of high quality AAV projects easier than ever before by providing a fast and open exchange of information. This enables adjustment of services and products and better customer support.

The “ABC of AAV”: Seamless workflow for optimized AAV production

PlasmidFactory has a wide range of AAV Helper & Packaging plasmids of the pDG/ pDP family for different AAV serotypes In Stock. These proprietary and worldwide exclusive plasmids support transfection of cells for AAV vector production, where the viral helper and packaging functions are located on only one plasmid. Furthermore, the company offers the production of individual ITR-containing AAV vector plasmids. PlasmidFactory’s 2-plasmid-system will facilitate the production of high AAV titers. As a further improvement, both plasmids can be replaced by minicircles. The strategic partnership between SIRION and Vibalogics offers a complete AAV vector service package. SIRION’s AAV optimization abilities flow seamlessly over to Vibalogics’ cGMP manufacturing services, providing fully customized vectors while saving many critical months of process development before obtaining a fully released GMP product for clinical trial use. As a final step, necessary for safe and reliable gene transfer, PROGEN’s ELISA kits enable the reliable and reproducible quantification of purified AAV vector preparations. The compatibility of the AAV services and products of the four networking partners is market proven. The performance of PlasmidFactory’s plasmid portfolio for AAV serotypes as well as of the ELISA kits offered by PROGEN has been tested by SIRION. PROGEN in turn has utilized SIRION’s qPCR services to validate their internal standard for ELISA calibration. Scientists in AAV gene therapy R&D now have the opportunity

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