News item Our Italian mediator for our preclinics services

Our preclinics family is constantly growing and expanding its portfolio of products and services. Therefore, we are very pleased to offer our customers at preclinics Italia all their experience and advisors in Italian.

From CRO as pharmacokinetics, efficacy/vaccinations studies, in vivo imaging to customized immunization providing biological products, antibodies/nanobodies libraries and purified antibodies and nanobodies. Our Italian subsidiary is a strong and trusted partner in the field of single-domain antibody libraries in order to find/produce/modify the best variable domain for your application.

The preclinics family builds synergy for complex research projects! Thanks to close collaboration with our customers and a GO/NO-GO process for each step, with us the customer has complete control over the entire service.

preclinics - from antigen to preclinics

preclinics begleitet seine Kunden von der Projektidee bis zur präklinischen Forschung mit einem rundum Dienstleistungsservice und bioc... [mehr]