IMGM Laboratories GmbH

IMGM Laboratories offers advanced genomic services focusing on METAGENOMICS, BIOMARKER DISCOVERY, BIODISTRIBUTION and PHARMACOGENETICS. As a service provider, we tailor each project design to the needs of our customers coming from pharma, diagnostics, biotech, clinics and academia.


Our broad technology portfolio includes:

-        Next Generation Sequencing with Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq500 and HiSeq2500, Roche 454 GS Junior+ and FLX+ and Ion Torrent PGM

-        Microarray Analysis on Agilent and Affymetrix platform

-        qPCR with TaqMan technology on ViiA7 platform


Before each project, we provide a free of charge consulting in which we make sure to understand what exactly you want to achieve with the analysis, and advise you on the best approach. After the analysis, expert bioinformatics and comprehensive reporting written in publication style complete our services. IMGM is certified service provider for Agilent, Affymetrix, and Ion Torrent PGM and holds an ISO 17025 accreditation for Sanger sequencing as well as for gene expression analysis and SNP genotyping using both real-time PCR and microarray technology.


Whether you are interested in 16S rRNA or whole genome sequencing, RNA-Seq or targeted re-sequencing, gene expression analysis, detection of SNPs and CNVs or our other genomic services: we are looking forward to get in touch with you. For more information on IMGM’s service portfolio please visit

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IMGM Laboratories GmbH 26. April 2017

IMGM is a part of the new InnoMuNiCH Project

At the beginning of January 2017 BioM launched the InnoMuNiCH project to promote cooperation between the Japanese biopharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology companies of the Munich Biotechnology Cluster . BioM successfully applied for funding as part of the "Internationalization of Leading-Edge Clusters " program. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the project and promotes a two-year concept phase. During this time, BioM will establish a collaborative platform to facilitate access to the Japanese biopharmaceutical research industry.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 28. Juli 2016

MGM Laboratories took part in the B2Run series

MGM Laboratories took part in the B2Run series in Munich’s Olympiapark

Every starter meant a contribution to a good cause!

On July 14, 2016, IMGM Laboratories participated in the B2Run series in Munich’s Olympiapark with a team of 7 employees completing the 6.2 km circuit.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH erhält das GLP Zertifikat

Die IMGM Laboratories GmbH in Martinsried freut sich bekannt geben zu dürfen, erfolgreich das Zertifikat für gute Laborpraxis (GLP) vom Bayerischen Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LGL) erhalten zu haben.

 GLP ist ein Qualitätsmanagement System, das den organisatorischen Ablauf und die Rahmenbedingungen regelt, unter denen nicht-klinische gesundheits- und umweltrelevante Sicherheitsprüfungen durchgeführt werden. Durch das aktuelle GLP Zertifikat ist IMGM somit einer der ganz wenigen genomischen Service Provider in Deutschland, die anerkannt nach GLP-Richtlinien arbeiten. Dies ist insbesondere bei präklinischen Studien mit Zell- und Gentherapeutika von höchster Bedeutung.

Die Pressemitteilung finden Sie hier als PDF.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 1. April 2015

From mind to mouth - Olaparib

Clever research concepts finally bring new player to companion diagnostics market

The recent admission of Olaparib treatment by FDA and EMA caused quite a stir in cancer therapeutics and for good reasons: Patients of ovarial carcinoma and related carcinomas now have a perspective of personalized and improved treatment while at the same time the authorities’ decision underlines the growing acceptance of companion diagnostics (CDx) based therapies. With this April newsletter we invite you to take a look at how ideas emerging from biomarker research can successfully result in CDx market access and how IMGM’s services can support you on this way.

Find more details in the PDF.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 1. März 2015

The Swiss Army knife for genomic studies

Illumina iScan now reading arrays at IMGM

Darwin had his Beagle, Columbus had his Santa Maria and IMGM is more than happy to announce the landing of Illumina’s iScan as new flagship to complete our platform fleet for supporting your scientific endeavors. Current demands of increasingly complex and diverse genetic studies are mirrored in the versatile array reader’s properties: Excellent data quality is delivered at scalable throughput rates and for a broad spectrum of genetic research scenarios.

Find more info in the PDF.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 1. Februar 2015

IMGM’s digital PCR services

IMGM’s digital PCR services – Why life is easier in a binary world

0 or 1, yes or no, true or false – computers love this stuff. An incredibly simple and clear code of binary, unequivocal information units is the basis of their incredible power and range of applications. Digital PCR is ready to follow their footsteps by transforming the vague world of conventional PCR into yes or no information units and thereby unprecedentedly increasing accuracy and application range. Read on and find out how going binary with IMGM’s new Biorad QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR service allows you quantifying target sequences at single molecule level while increasing exactness of your traditional PCR applications and opening new areas of usage.

Find more information in the PDF.

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 9. Dezember 2014

RNA Sequencing and FFPE samples

RNA Sequencing and FFPE samples: Two natural enemies finally reconciled

Carved in stone, painted on canvas or scratched in vinyl - expressions of human thoughts and feelings have been conserved over generations and been ever since an easily accessible treasure of knowledge and inspiration. When it comes to expression of genes conserved in FFPE, things are different. Given the degradation of RNA to shreds and pieces, the scientific treasure of potential insights and discoveries resting worldwide in FFPE archives is everything but easy to unearth. Read on and find out how IMGM’s new FFPE RNA Sequencing Service using Illumina TruSeq RNA Access technology helps you unraveling new findings by enabling robust and reliable analysis of gene expression in your FFPE or other low-quality RNA samples.

Read more in our Newsletter!

IMGM Laboratories GmbH 22. August 2014

Dr. Michael Bonin is the new Managing Director

IMGM Laboratories GmbH announces the appointment of Dr. Michael Bonin as Managing Director The genomic service provider IMGM Laboratories GmbH is pleased to announce Dr. Michael Bonin (40) as additional Managing Director effective August 1st 2014. Michael Bonin will head the scientific and technical development of the IMGM Laboratories GmbH activities and will direct the business of IMGM together with the Managing Director and Founder Dr. Hanns-Georg Klein. “We are proud to have an exceptional biologist and experienced manager such as Dr. Michael Bonin joining the Executive Board of IMGM. His recognized scientific and technological expertise and management skills as well as the highly innovative genomic service strategies, he has developed with his team in Tuebingen will add a significant value to IMGM Laboratories GmbH.”, comments Dr. Klein. Dr. Michael Bonin, Managing Director at IMGM from August 1st 2014: “I am very much looking forward to working together with the excellent and experienced IMGM team on the continued development of technologies and methods which will help to find the best genomic solutions for our customers. Especially intriguing for me is the broad spectrum of projects including such current topics as pharmaceutical research, biomarker discovery and companion diagnostics which generates a fascinating working environment.”