PELOBIOTECH GmbH offers the broadest range of primary cells, stem cells, genetically modified cell systems and 3D cell models. To be able to offer you these premium products we work together with companies worldwide. This will guarantee best quality and a huge number of highly innovative products and services.
The goal of our company is to provide you with the best cell portfolio for your research needs and to give you customized solutions to your specific research problems.

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PELOBIOTECH GmbH 18. August 2016

Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering: 3D Bioprinting Market is Growing Rapidly

3D bioprinting is fast becoming one of the most rapidly-growing areas of tissue engineering: the influx of new research, funds, patents and companies operating in the field is contributing to it becoming a multi-billion dollar business.

While bioprinted organs are still not a reality, big steps towards making such pipe-dreams become clinical therapies are being made: an overview of the field was given in a recent opinion article published in Trends in Biotechnology by Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat at the University of Iowa, which highlights the state of the art of the field and issues with the scale-up of functional tissue and organ constructs for transplantation.
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PELOBIOTECH GmbH 7. Dezember 2015

Get the “Click” – New Supplier at PELOBiotech

EdU Cell Proliferation Kits for in vitro and in vivo

We are happy to announce that we are now distributor of baseclick (“click” technology) worldwide. Their products are relevant for all our Cell Culture customers. The detection of cell proliferation is of utmost importance for assessing cell health, determining genotoxicity or evaluating anticancer drugs.