PELOBIOTECH GmbH offers the broadest range of primary cells, stem cells, genetically modified cell systems and 3D cell models. To be able to offer you these premium products we work together with companies worldwide. This will guarantee best quality and a huge number of highly innovative products and services.
The goal of our company is to provide you with the best cell portfolio for your research needs and to give you customized solutions to your specific research problems.

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PELOBIOTECH GmbH 18. Juni 2024

First Conference “Advancements in Animal-Free Research and Translational Medicine” in Munich

The conference will start with an overview of the development and validation of serum substitutes. “Paving the way for ethically sound alternatives is crucial today for scientific advancements”, said Dr. Lothar Steeb, Co-CEO&CSO PELOBiotech. In addition to getting insights on the principles of cell culture and stem cells, presentations will focus on applications and hands-on experiences in the lab. “We are happy to have gained so many experts from the scientific community to offer a great networking opportunity beyond their research fields”, said Dr. Peter Frost, CEO PELOBIOTECH GmbH.