BlueSens gas sensor GmbH

BlueSens is specialist for gas analysis in bioprocesses since 2001 and noticed as market leader in this business sector. The headquarter is located in Herten, Germany. The US subsidiary is resident in Wood Dale, Chicago, USA. 

BlueSens gas analyzers measure at the spot, in the midst of the process. The product portfolio comprises single analyzers for oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane/biogas (CH4) and other gas types. Parallel measurement of O2 and CO2 can be realized with BlueInOne gas analyzer. Even more flexibility offers BlueVary the maintenance free gas analyzer. The revolutionary gas volume measurement device, BlueVCount measures smallest gas volumes up to 80ml/min with a resolution of 1ml.

The new Use what you have concept allows you to connect old and new equipment via BlueVIS bioprocess software and to create your individual fermenter setup independent of the manufacturer. All analyzers and products underlay strict quality controls. Continuous off-gas measurement and complete data collection ensure deepest process understanding and easy analyzation of the bioprocesses.

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BlueSens gas sensor GmbH 1. März 2017

Großer Zuspruch für BioProcessingDays 2017

An der Westfälischen Hochschule fanden vom 20. bis zum 22. Februar die zweiten BioProcessingDays statt. Die Veranstaltung bestand aus einer Konferenz und Workshops und setzt auf den Austausch zwischen Wissenschaft und Industrie. So gab es rund um die Themenschwerpunkte „Prozesskontrolle, Modellierung“ in der Bioprozesstechnik einerseits ein wissenschaftliches Rahmenprogramm und andererseits auch praxisnahe Workshops.