Celares GmbH

The celares GmbH is a drug delivery company focusing on the chemical modification/conjugation, in particular PEGylation of small molecules, peptides and proteins. The celares GmbH offers customized conjugation solutions on a fee for service basis. Services include the synthesis of tailor-made small molecules, activated reagents and polymers, process development for conjugation and purification, and the development of analytical methods for full characterization of bioconjugates. The celares GmbH has a clean room class D facility for the manufacturing of 0.5 to 5 kg of small molecules and activated intermediates, as well as for the preparation of conjugated drugs. In addition, celares has developed proprietary platform technologies, namely celaSYS, celaSTAR, and PaSmax®. The latter technology is particularly useful for the development of next generation ADCs, based on payload solubilization and multiplexing. Clients are international biotech and pharma companies.
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