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Forschungsschwerpunkte: Epigenetic assays are based on differences in the chromatin structure of actively expressed and silenced genes. The target genes of Epiontis' assays are expressed exclusively in the cell type of interest, which is accompanied by euchromatin and transcription factor accessibility.
Only euchromatic DNA will be reactive in the epigenetic Epiontis assay format. Heterochromatic DNA from other cell types will not react with bisulfite, a chemical used in the assays. Only DNA from the cell type of interest is thus amplified in the epigenetic PCR-based assay format, resultling in a highly specific assay read-out.

Services: Using a novel molecular diagnostics technology, Epiontis offers an immune cell monitoring service as well as customized development of epigenetic assays. 
Epiontis' epigenetic assay format allows the identification and quantification of any cell type with accuracy and technical ease. Our assays are used as a quality control tool to ensure purity of cellular samples in e.g. Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. 
Another broad field of use is the monitoring of immune cells in research and clinical studies in autoimmune and infectious disease or cancer. Here, we offer a portfolio of established assays for immune cells. Examples include diagnostic assays for regulatory T cells (Treg) and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes with many other epigenetic assays under development.

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