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3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH 25. März 2020

Debiopharm expands its radiopharmaceutical footprint with an exclusive in-licensing agreement of 3B Pharmaceutical’s targeted CAIX radiotherapy

Lausanne, Switzerland– March 25, 2020 – Debiopharm, a Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company announced today having entered into a worldwide, exclusive license & research agreement with 3B Pharmaceuticals (3BP), a German biotechnology firm, to further the development of their radioligand program, now called Debio 0228, which targets the CAIX (Carbonic Anhydrase 9) enzyme to fight the progression of cancer. This agreement extends the radio-oncology portfolio of Debiopharm which currently includes another clinical stage radiotherapeutic and the radiotherapy-enhancing antagonist of IAPs (Inhibitors of Apoptosis proteins) Debio 1143. The collaboration with 3BP, a renowned expert in theranostic peptide discovery and radioconjugates, is projected to advance the program into clinical development phases of development within 2 years.