Centogene AG

Produktion: CENTOGENE, a group of companies, has become a global leader among laboratories in the field of molecular and biochemical diagnostics in the rapidly growing market of rare diseases. CENTOGENE operates laboratories and companies in Rostock, Freiburg and Vienna. CENTOGENE generates more than 85% of all business outside of Germany. CENTOGENE was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of Rostock, Germany. The rapid internal growth was entirely generated without external finance from venture capital. CENTOGENE is managed by an experienced team of globally renowned academic opinion leaders in the field of different clinical disciplines, supported by internationally experienced senior executives from Big Pharma and corporate finance. CENTOGENE is ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 certified and is in the process of US CAP accreditation. EXTAN™ Kits: More than 100 Rare Disease Primer kits for the analysis of genes in local labs. Package includes primer sets, standard operating manuals and an external mutation database.

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Biomarker Development

Services: CENTOGENE offers the worldwide most comprehensive portfolio with more than 1000 different genetic analysis (see list under www.centogene.com/download). CENTOGENE offers high-end genetic and biochemical analysis of a broad spectrum of patient samples. Extremely short turn-around-times (< 3 weeks) with interpretation and recommendation by a team of well-known medical experts accompany every analysis. Particular medical and diagnostic expertise was developed in the areas of • hereditary diseases of metabolism • neurological disorder • cardiology • oncology • dermatology and • bone diseases. CENTOGENE offers worldwide comprehensive prenatal analysis and newborn screening (for more than 600 genes). CENTOGENE collaborates with a network of medical experts contributing to the company’s best quality differential evaluation. CENTOGENE supports pharma companies in the management and the logistics of multicenter studies. CENTOGENE manages all diagnostic information using an internaly developed self-learning software that supports the interpretation of medical data. CENTOGENEs analysis are conducted by • Biochemistry • TandemMassSpectroscopy • Molecular Genetics (PCR, Sequencing, MLPA, repeat expansion) • NextGeneration Sequencing

Vertrieb: Branch office in Canada, representatives in Australia/New Zealand, Mexico and India

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