Soluventis GmbH

The Soluventis-platform is based on the most powerful drug delivery system, an entirely new type of Nanocarrier, characterized by high efficacy and a good safety profile. We have the capability to transport nucleic acids and peptides. The Soluventis Nanocarrier completely shields the active substances from blood and immune system contact and reaches reliable target organs including poorly vascularized tumor tissue and metastases in xenograft studies. The endothelial passage, receptor-mediated cellular uptake and the endosomal escape are effective and independent of the transported active substance. The concentration of active substances in liver and other organs are approximately equal.
The frozen Nanocarrier has a long shelf life in ampoules whereas in the organism it is completely eliminated within two days.
Soluventis have several oncologic siRNAs which significantly improve tumor reduction and elimination of metastases in comparison to standard chemotherapeutics in xenograft studie
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