AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH

AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH is an international biotech company based in Cologne (Germany) with offices in Boston (USA) and Singapore. LUNARIS™ is AYOXXA’s innovative, patented beads-on-a-chip technology platform to analyze picogram amounts of multiple biomarkers in biological samples.
It delivers a high-quality immune-assay for sample volumes down to single-digit microliter, greatly expanding the types and number of samples from which scientists can gain insights. AYOXXA opens protein multiplexing opportunities to biomedicine, all the way from basic research to clinic and translational discoveries covering ophthalmology, mouse-to-man and immuno-oncology applications.
AYOXXA commercializes a portfolio of ready-to-use biomarker detection kits, e.g. LUNARIS™ Human & Mouse 5 to 12-Plex Cytokine Kits. With the introduction of AYOXXA Reader AR01, the company now offers a fully integrated solution for LUNARIS™ multiprotein analysis.
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