MELEMA Pharma GmbH

MELEMA Pharma GmbH is a private clinical stage company owned by private investors. While legally headquartered of the predominantly virtually company in Hamburg, the scientific base is in Cologne. MELEMA's most exciting development candidate ME-503 is in phase II of clinical development. It is a recombinant lectin which induces strong ribotoxic stress in target cells of the skin. SC injection leads to a powerful activation & maturation of dendritic cells – and after migration into the lymph nodes – to a substantial interaction of these cells with cancer fighting T cells. ME-503 has demonstrated efficacy in several phase I, phase I/II and phase II trials. In advanced metastatic melanoma stage IV our compound could improve the overall survival of these patients. We are currently planning a further phase II trial using a powerful biomarker to predict clinical outcome. As immune booster with anticancer efficacy it should be an appropriate agent for combination with checkpoint inhibitors.
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