LOGOPHARM GmbH is a biotechcompany that provides specialized services in proteomic target and biomarker R&D. The company located at Freiburg (Germany) was founded 2005 by a team of scientists and business experts. It combines proprietary proteomic technologies and long-term experience in functional membrane protein analysis with focus on membrane proteins and protein complexes in native tissues or cells. Our proprietary developments include the CompleXio technology for identification of native protein-protein interactions, microproteo-mic analysis with ultimate sensitivity and label-free quantitative mass spectrometry. Our approaches are broadly applicable to targets and biomarkers, require very small amounts of sample and show a lower error rate than current high-throughput or recombinant approaches. Based on this we offer advanced proteomic services, research consulting and implementation of technology, individually adapted to our customers' needs:

  • ComplexioLyte detergent buffers
  • Generation of antibodies against protein targets
  • Elucidation of target subunit composition and dynamic changes
  • Identification of co-targets and target-associated pathways
  • Functional annotation of unknown proteins or disease-causing mutants
  • Investigation of (patho)physiological mechanisms and mode of action
  • Analysis of cell membrane / surface markers
  • Profiling of antibodies and -target deconvolution
  • Ultra-sensitive protein identification (including PTMs)
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